Comparing The Benefits Of CBD Oil And Copaiba Essential Oil: Know It Before You Use It!

All you need to know about CBD Oil is that it is derived from the flowers and leaves of cannabis rather than its hemp which makes it a clinical compound used by people to combat with epilepsy, anxiety, depression, inflammation, and other similar ailments. While Copaiba essential oil produced by the steam distillation of the gum resin that is trapped in the copaifera reticulata tree. This essential oil gives a gentle, woodsy aroma which is often used to induce relaxation into the environment, while what makes it commercial is the benefits it provides when consumed. So both have their share of medicinal properties and prove to be effective health alternatives. However, there are some differences too that sets them apart. 
In this post, we will highlight the major benefits of these two oils and will also throw some light on the list of their comparisons:
First, let’s start with Copaiba oil:
Here’s to the many benefits of Copaiba essential oil:
1) The best anti-inflammatory substance that can ever be used. Essentially used in aromatherapy to help patients with congestion, stomach inflammation, and other problems.
2) Copaiba essential oil is beneficial to the skin where it is used in skin tightening, as an astringent, reducing wrinkles and early signs of aging along with acne removal.
3) If you’ve got permanent scars from marks, pimples, blisters, etc. then you can definitely make use of this oil’s healing and rejuvenating properties.
4) With very little to no side effect at all, this oil has been used as a pain reliever from ages and continues to be used as such. It has also proved to be effective as a muscle reliever or against headaches and migraines.
5) The usage of this oil has a definite effect on a person’s mood. It is quite aromatic oil with calming properties, which is now being used in aromatherapy as a stress buster and a relaxing agent.
Coming over to CBD beginners guide of benefits and more:
1) CBD oil also has anti-inflammatory properties and is useful to relieve gastro-intestinal problems.
2) This oil has shown great results when used in cases like epilepsy, depression, anxiety and its likes. It is important to note that this CBD hemp oil when consumed causes no addiction and hence such a side effect of CBD oil can be ruled out. It is a non-psychoactive compound.
3) It can be consumed in various ways like edible gummies, vape form, just a drop below the tongue, through injections, lotions, cream etc. These methods of administering the controlled drug depend upon the amount of CBD to be consumed, which definitely needs to be regulated as per instructions and prescription.
Now let’s talk about their comparisons: What makes Copaiba Essential Oil and CBD Oil different? 

CBD oil is derived from cannabis while copaiba is not; however, what these both oils have in common is the presence of cannabinoids which makes some of their properties similar.
Copaiba oil contains the cannabinoid BCP which works in quite the similar fashion to that of Canna-bi-diol (CBD) which is found in the hemp oil. Copaiba in all essence contains the highest amount of cannabinoids which is about 60%. There are no chances of having THC in the copaiba oil, the element that apparently gets people high when they consume cannabis.
Both the oils have different types of cannabinoids which makes them similar but not the same. One needs to choose between the two as per requirements and prescription provided.
Hence, both the oils are similar yet different in some aspects. However, it is important to research well and consult a doctor before using any of these. No doubt, these oils have a great potential in treating several medical ailments but more research needs to be done in this arena, evaluating their safety and long-term usage.


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